November 15, 2009

I’d like today to think about a 12″ I’ve heard recently, T++’s remixes of Monolake’s Atlas. I’m mildly put off as my recollection of it is slightly hazy; however since the point of this blog is to drill down to what my psychological relationship with the music is, Perhaps not being able to directly reference its construction might focus my ideas. I hope to find some way to square my intention to explore subjective states with some commitment to journalistic objectivity; at least I can claim that these ideas are partly routed in a genuine understanding of what he does- also, i’m hoping to avoid poetry for sake of putting up the word count. The intention is to soberly describe a certain sense of mental derangement.

T++’s remix loses the plasticity which is characteristic of Monolake. Minimal techno at times reminds me of a plastic art form, and this is not like that at all, instead it feels urgently metallic and syncretic, as if materials are scarce and therefore precious, and alloys are being melded on the fly, perhaps reaching a breaking point further into the track. There is bracing economy here.


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