Lady Gaga “Judas”

May 25, 2011

No doubt this track could take your head off. It’s an annihilating juggernaut. The rush reminds me of Metallica’s Black Album, obviously Marilyn Manson, Smashing Pumpkins perhaps. There isn’t much space for the listener, as a cognitive presence in the music, you don’t find yourself in it any more than you can find yourself in a sweet spot in the middle of a tidal wave. That’s a problem for me. The idea of a perfect machine, so seductive – but this ain’t that.


Utopian soul. You can see the joins, which means you can appreciate the effort it took to make it all the better. You can hear them constantly finding new spaces in the recording process – space for one more yearning voice in the mix, another layer of longing. These spaces sound – contested, somehow? There’s an instability that brings this to life.

Why had no one thought of this before: a constant low-end forcefield throughout the track, like you’re in a different resonant space for each track?

Not exactly a softness, but a yielding quality of his playing captures me. Yielding: the tone yields to noise, splutter, awkwardness, laughter, sweat. Each time he slots into a melody, it’s warm and comfortable, as if it proceeds from his way of moving, bobbing around on the stage. Felt rather than thought. That is the connection with memory and history. Songs from your childhood placed on a collision course with a ruthless threshing machine.