… music is a medium via which we situate ourselves in the world.


The thought I wanted to break out of the Death Grips review is the need for a psychology/psychoanalysis of dance. What are we dancing for? Who or what the desire for, and where is it located?

I used to want to disappear in the flux of the music, to become pure thought.

Culture versus paraculture

February 26, 2012

Which is to say, criticism versus views/reactions. These are difficult, not to say nonsensical boundaries. How does a basement jam in a Brooklyn loft relate to culture? The distinction is outmoded as soon as the idea is floated.

I only find clarity in positive views of this mileu. These are the only viewpoints which cut through the fog and establish lines of engagement.

Hence, a positive view of blogs – freedom of reportage, the inner life of the music-thinker. An infinite possibilty of mobile structures.

Obviously blogs are fragile and ready to be compromised at any stage. This should not count against them.

Thought motion

January 21, 2012

Music can be powerful as thought in motion, an analogue of cognitive morphology. I listen, the wheels of my mind slowly turn. What cognitions are rarest? It is these I seek.

Miles Davis “ESP”

December 11, 2011

Harmonic obstacle courses for Wayne Shorter. Miles as ringmaster. This game is more complex than it first appears.

Omar Souleyman “Leh Jani”

November 30, 2011

The full hour of this thing on Sham
Palace! Absurdly contagious, the physical duration is so long it takes over. Squint and it sounds like bluegrass, with chants followed by solos and back to chants. The voice through the microphone echoed in the room, like a military commander. It’s been a while since there was a micman like him.

Tape and wax

November 30, 2011

Recently the tape and record deck have been the only ones in use. The sensation is of continuity, of a physical duration outside and independent of yourself which you slowly adjust to the rhythms of. This is what I want music brings – an environment that you can live in (and also, tangentially, have control of).


November 29, 2011

What’s thrilling about Prince is not that he channels religion into his work, but he’s able to make music that is guilty and yet free. It has internal conflicts and yet transcends them.


November 28, 2011

At some point obsession with music can become self-generating, because of its ephemerality. You think, analyse, categorise, all the time.

Romford cafe

November 26, 2011

In a cafe, music is just a feint pulse beneath the coffee machines, hubbub, cutlery, loose change and woosh of the taps. The soundworld is so much richer an upmarket bar or eatery. Pop music here is a structuring presence, a linear signpost through the progress of minutes.